I started as an independent health and safety consultant in 2005 trading as Samten Consulting and in 2009 became incorporated as a limited company.

Why choose Samten?

There is a story about the buddha who, when asked about how one should practice meditation by a lute player, responded that one should keep the mind "not too tight and not too loose". I think the same principal applies to implementing health and safety controls in an organisation. Too tight, and the controls get in the way of doing the work - too loose and there is an unacceptable risk of accidents and ill-health.

This principal is covered in health and safety law by the phrase "so far as is reasonably practicable".

I try to bring this balanced view to the advice I give to clients.


On a more practical note, I am an OSHCR registered consultant with over 25 years experience in policy development and the delivery of management systems to the OHSAS 18001 standard. I am a trained auditor in both OHSAS and the Hasmap auditing systems.

During the last eight years I have held interim positions with four universities and one biomedical research institute. I currently provide a competent person service to three small companies.

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