About us

Samten Consulting Ltd is founded on Buddhist principles of wakefulness and compassion. Samten is a Tibetan word referring to the development of meditative clarity and is defined as the ability to remain undistracted.

Keith Ryan

Keith is the owner and Managing Director of Samten Consulting. He is an an OSHCR registered consultant with over 30 years experience in health and safety policy development and management. After graduating with a degree in physics and astrophysics he worked as a technician in nuclear medicine for the NHS. Subsequently he worked for the Institute of Cancer Research, managing their radiation facilities in London. It was while working there he received his Master Degree in Radiation and Environmental Protection. As the use of radiation in research declined he broadened his understanding of general health and safety principles and in 2005 he established Samten Consulting which became a limited company in 2009. During the last eight years he has held interim positions with four universities and one biomedical research institute.

Keith works with a number of associates providing additional specialist support and training.


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